Those 70s Memories

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Those 70s Memories

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Those 70s Memories

Well, okay, it doesn't have to be just 70s.

Music is one of the biggest triggers of long lost memories in our brains (following smell). Even though you may have heard the same song over and over while it was new (or on a recording that you played often) and while in many different places and doing many different things, chances are that there is a specific memory or two that floats up when you hear the song many years later. This thread is for telling us what memories certain songs played here invoke when you hear them.

I'll start ;)

Tjoe: Rockin' Robbin (Jackson 5): Memory is of being quite young, at a friend's house, in his dining room, looking at a model steam engine.

See? It doesn't have to be the most exciting or interesting memory ;)

Tjoe: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle): memory is I'm at one of our body shops working on cars late in the evening (and I think it was in the fall into winter).

Tjoe: Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac): on what was suppose to be a double date at the drive-in, but my friend's girl just dumped him, so MY girl spent the evening comforting him.

Tjoe: Hot Blooded (Foreigner): late summer, midnight, driving all around in my '72 trans-am with a car full of girls, screeming the Hot Blooded part out as loud as our lungs would allow.

Tjoe: Magic (Pilot): Sweet First Love. 1975, my first real girlfriend. In High School, we were in Junior ROTC together and started dating just at the end of our freshman year. Later that summer, we were on a 2-week class trip to an Air Force base a few hours away and this song was being played a lot at the time. Several songs remind me of that trip.

Tjoe: Money For Nothing.... I'm in my garage doing a valve job on my car.

Snippet from chat:

MissSunshine: Stand By Me was my wedding dance with the hubby.

MissSunshine: Money for Nothing always seemed to play on the bus ride home from school in the 7th grade.
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