Special DJ Ranks

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Special DJ Ranks

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Here at My70sRadio, YOU can be the DJ. It's free! And depending on how busy things are, you are able to request several songs at a time. You are asked to not do the same artists or albums in a row, but otherwise the rules are pretty open (compared to other sites).

From time to time, I will promote someone who has shown excellent requesting skills to the special Forum Rank of DJ. These people have similar limits in the number of tracks they can request, but they are given more freedom with regards to same artist/album in a row.

Our current staff of DJs is as follows

TechGnome - famous for his ClubGnome mixes

SunshineGirl - awesome mixing for the masses

SiriusCreation - Sirius has expanded our musical universe by introducing us to groups and albums that I can't imagine being without now.

BumbleBee - Bee had been a long time requester before joining the forums. Famous for his daily themes and "talking" in the music selection (hence the name BumbleBee ala Transformers).

iLikeThis - "Like" brings a European accent to our station, and is known for his love of The Carpenters, Queen, Bacara, and so many more.
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