2017 May 24 - 21:07
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*

Tjoe: even after automating as much of it as possible
Tjoe: bleh - fixing this mistake is going to take a lonnnnnnng time
Tjoe: watch out for cows
TechGnome: tornado watch for the local area....
TechGnome: I have some pages that use the notifications... but then 90% of the notifications I get a crap... so I turn them off...
TechGnome: I was even standing RIGHT NEXT to the VP yesterday as he made the morning announcements... not one word about there being awards the nest day...
Tjoe: I use to rely on my tkd school`s FB page to get the word out about a bunch of stuff, but some people don`t do FB, and too many things got lost. Now I do both FB and mass-emails.
Tjoe: FB use to have the ability to let you get notified of all posts (via email and notification) when a page makes a new post, but I think they turned that off awhile ago.
Tjoe: and if you don`t "like" enough of their posts, FB starts reducing how much you see from them too.
TechGnome: I think they rely too much on using FB to get the word out... apparently it was part of the "this week at school" post which of course gets lots in FB`s algo of what it thinks you should see.
TechGnome: nothing came home... in the past at the elem school we always got a flyer ....
TechGnome: I have no idea....
Tjoe: do they at least tell the kids ahead of time?
TechGnome: just one more example of the great communicaiton problem that school has
TechGnome: Apparently today was the Middle School Awards... no one told us... and our daughter got an award and no one was there for her...
TechGnome: !!!
TechGnome: #$%#$%#$%@#*(&#$%$#%
Tjoe: I wish I would have spotted this last week - my work load was much lighter.