2017 Dec 17 - 08:54
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*

Tjoe: Load it up!
Tjoe: YEY! Christmas tunes on live stream

ilikethis: thx
Tjoe: Hoping for the best for you!
ilikethis: We have our Catalonia president in Belgium and our vice president in jail without sentence
ilikethis: we have elections this 21th
Tjoe: How are things there?
Tjoe: doing well. getting ready to finish packaging up various gifts for people to take to a party tonight (and drop off at my office).
ilikethis: How are you doing?
ilikethis: Hi TJoe, for you too
Tjoe: Happy Saturday, Like!
Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 12/16:
- Tony Hicks (The Hollies)
- Benny Andersson (ABBA)

TechGnome: yeaaaah... the problem was I was I have a meeting at 2... it was 1... and I was trying to decide if I wanted to eat lunch and stick around for the meeing... eat lunch and run home and have the meeting there, or just go home, scrounge for food, and have the meeting there... ended up getting a bacon c
Tjoe: did ya make it?
TechGnome: brb... gonna go grab lunch before the cafe closes