2017 Aug 17 - 22:53
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*




LIKE - are you out there?
Tjoe: [h1]LIKE - are you out there?
Tjoe: wow - quite the eventful afternoon
TechGnome: storm front just arrived... wind suddenly picked up.
TechGnome: oh, and there`s a structure fire near by at the golf course... their cart maintenance shed is burning...
TechGnome: clouds are startiung to move in.... lightning strikes are being reported nearby....
Tjoe: huh
Tjoe: -starwars4-
TechGnome: CSS & HTML are becoming my nemisiss
Tjoe: maybe I`ll try Chrome again for chat and undocked player...
TechGnome: I used Edge just long enough to download Chrome
Tjoe: I may have to go back to using Firefox for looking at the site, but FF has never fixed their memory leak problem.
Tjoe: For instance, the Undocked Chat here doesn`t size properly.
Tjoe: biggest annoyance is "Edge", the replacement for IE. I miss the good old days when new software was always better than old. Always a nice improvement. These days it`s just annoying, and not any better.
Tjoe: I`m not that crazy about W10 on my main PC. A number of little annoying things, and I`m not experiencing the better memory management that I expected.