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Welcome to My70sRadio!

Music was a very big part of the 70's, and it was probably the most musically diverse generation of all. Musical groups were coming off of the eve of the Summer of Love and into a lot of self-discovery, and then into disco and that awkward urban cowboy phase ;) and to the beginning of punk and so-called alternative. Few decades were defined by their music the way the 70's were.

The 70's were also a major influence on many other aspects of our culture. From television (Brady Bunch, Happy Days, etc.) to movies (Jaws, Star Wars, etc.), everyone knows some part of the 70's.

Relive those groovy times with us here in the Discussion Groups and Chat and on the Radio Station.

Musical Memories - Share your memories that certain songs invoke:70s Music Memories.

Trouble Logging In? - Get help here:Logon Help.



Help My70sRadio.com meet expenses. You can help pay for general overhead (licensing, bandwidth, etc.) or buy albums or gift certificates. More info here:


My70sRadio GOLDCast!

My70sRadio is proud to announce a new feature: GOLDCast!

In addition to the regular radio stream where you can make requests from my entire 70s library for everyone to hear, registered users now have the option to listen to a "Best Of" list of songs from particular genres: Dance (disco), Easy Listening, Pop, Rock, and now Christmas too!

Log on to the Forum.
On the Forum Home page is a section for GoldCast. Click there and you are on your way.
Here's how it works. I have created lists with a small sample of what is played at the main stream. When you click on one of them, the list is loaded to the MyTjoeRadio player (or you can choose it to go to your own media player like WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.). This list will then play just those songs. Depending on the player you choose to use, you can go forwards or backwards in the list, you may even have the option to use Random play or to even pick and choose your own selection of what plays from that list.

Remember, this is NOT the radio station stream. What you are listening too is more like a podcast. It is unlikely that someone else is listening to the same song you are.

I will change these lists from time to time since these are suppose to be just a sample of what's on the main stream. You might have to kick me in the butt to remind me when the current list is getting kind of stale.

Log on NOW to get started!


Announcing ClearChat!! (registered users only)

Yes, those of you from Streaming Soundtracks.com (SST) are very familiar with the wonderful chat system they use. This is the the best chat system I've seen on the net anywhere! I've made a lot of changes to how it works on this site - some HTML allowed and more BBcode allowed (both of which provide size and coloring), hundreds of extra smilies and other graphics that show up right in the chat to help show your emotion about the music that is playing (check out the Huge List Of Smilies forum thread for complete list and use).

Login (or register) to see the chat box and access its other features.

NOTE: For best use of the chat, I recommend that you use the Undocked view.

Once logged on, click on Undock to get a separate window for the chat.

See you there :)




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